Monday, August 4, 2014

Jabel Mukaber - What a Wonderful Neighborhood

Looks like Tisha B'Av started a little early this year. One pedestrian has been declared dead HY"D as well as the terrorist driver yemach shemo v'zichro who is reported to be a resident of Jabel Mukaber. That name rings a bell well for me - I remember attending a protest there to demolish the home of the terrorist who shot up Yeshivat Merkaz haRav several years ago. From what I remember his family setup a mourning tent for visitors outside their home with Hamas flags proudly flying. A quick glance at the Wikipedia page on the neighborhood shows that there are quite a few other proud murders hailing from there as well. It's tragically amusing that the section of the article is entitled "Arab Israeli Conflict" however the only incidents cited under it are those of Arabs randomly killing innocent Jews. While "Murder Factory" would be a more apt sub-article title I suppose that wouldn't pass Wikipedia's editing standards.

Below is a clip supplied by Ynet of police officers unloading what sounds like a dozen or two rounds into the driver before his machine comes to a halt - looks to have been taken on a cell phone. Everyone stay safe and have an easy fast.

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