Thursday, August 14, 2014

Is Ferguson mida k'neged mida?

While it's always been quite a debate if America is truly a friend of Israel's or just claims to be, I don't think anyone would disagree this current administration is one of if not the most openly anti-Israel. In the past 10 years that I can remember paying attention to such things I don't remember such unabashed hostility (again I'm not talking about what the government thinks or does behind the scenes which may be just as bad - I'm talking what they say right out in the open to the news cameras). I was quite surprised by two condemnations of Israel by Obama during this current conflict. By surprised I don't mean that I found it shocking or completely unexpected, but rather that the level of chutzpah shown was so above even what numbed out news-following senses have been accustomed to that it actually exhibited an emotional response rather than just a customary "what else is new?"

The first incident was when after barely mentioning the unjust kidnap and ultimately heinous murder of the Jewish boys (one of which was an American citizen) after 3 weeks, Obama immediately jumped up to speak out against the murder of an arab boy who was most definitely not an American and so soon that not even enough time had passed to know whether it was even Jews or not. Additionally the administration protested the physicality of the Israel police when arresting the boy's cousin (who at the very least was an American) when he had picked the fight with them in the first place and according to most if not all reports had a knife on him at the time. Can you tell me of a single police force in the entire world that when confronted by somebody with a knife in the middle of violent riots would put an arm around his shoulder and say, "Come young man, let's have a nice civilized chat about your behavior."? Certainly not the DC police operating a few hundred yards outside Obama's residence at the White House who slaughtered an unarmed mother for driving suspiciously and not obeying traffic instructions.

The second incident was when the administration spoke out against Israel's measures to defend itself against Gaza including the State Department stating how appalled it was by Israel's disgraceful shelling of a UN school in Gaza. Mind you this was after the UN itself had admitted to finding rockets stored several of it's schools in Gaza! (Never mind the fact that they also openly admitted to handing them back over to Hamas).

It seems quite fitting that for meddling in Israel's affairs America is now suffering an ongoing Black Intifada in Missouri. It has even gotten to the point where the NAACP has resorted to reaching out to the UN over America's supposed mistreating of blacks in the current situation. Perhaps the American government should be more careful what they say and do as in Shemayim the halacha is what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


  1. Perhaps though doesn't quite fit since one would expect the likes of obama to be supporting the Black rioters as one part of a broad multi-generational plot to bring down America, the same applies elsewhere since the TPTB never let a crisis go to waste whether they themselves manufactured it or not in order to pursue their agenda.

    A true mida k'neged mida scenario would be defined as a crisis which they cannot turn into their advantage, disintegrates their multi-generational schemes and even backfires on them all in one go.

    At the same time it appears that a lot of Blacks in America are beginning to resent obama since the government sanctioned flood of illegals is ultimately to their disadvantage.

  2. To further support this idea:
    FAA declared a no fly zone over (below 3000 feet) over this American City.
    French warned its tourists not to travel to this dangerous part of the U.S.

    Sound familiar?

  3. Anon - thanks for the additional info

    Jesterhead - I think the fact that it's black people rioting further supports this idea rather than the other way around. One would assume that Obama would have black sympathy, therefore the fact that it's "his own" rioting suggests this isn't just a random natural event. In the Zimmerman case Obama tried to ride the wave of populism (i.e. "If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon") but this time around Drudge has been posting headlines of the crowds davka speaking out against Obama.


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