Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Can't Make this Stuff up

I think I'll officially stop reading the news for the sake of staying informed and only check it for entertainment purposes. In order to properly prepare for Purim this year I started reading perushim on Megilat Esther a couple of months early to really be in the mood when the chag comes around. However, I wasn't expecting the rest of the world to do the same.

As if a Women of the Wall breakaway minyan wasn't enough, now Hamas is fighting to stem rocket fire towards Israel and setting up security checkpoints to the effect of curbing anti-Israel violence. Say what?!? Apparently they are quite upset at the prospect of ambitious rocketeers from Islamic Jihad dragging them into a conflict with the IDF before they are ready for one and therefore "announced that they will resolutely operate against anyone who attempts to launch rockets towards Israel." Maybe we could have some shrewd Jewish lawyers haggle them into agreeing to have their resolution apply equally to Iranian ones carrying nuclear payload. However I'm wondering if this whole outsourcing of our security concerns to our very supposed enemies could really be a new strategy. Every time we so much as try to put a manhole over a tunnel from Gaza to stop terrorism and smuggling the world screams of persecution. However the Egyptians apparently get a free pass to have somebody shout down the hole, "Hope ya can swim!" before they proceed to flood every last one of them. Now I realize why Boogy Ya'alon was so opposed to replacing Israeli soldiers in the Jordan Valley with American ones - an experienced tactician like him obviously appreciates the fact that the most effective option is to have the Arabs themselves protect us from... errr... themselves. 

Tehillim perek 59 passuk 9 states, "And You Hashem will laugh at them. You will ridicule the nations." I had personally always taken this pussuk to be speaking of Hashem's unrivaled power - that whomever rises up against Him and His people Israel, it is so inconceivable to think they could defeat Him that such an idea would be laughable. However perhaps we should read the passuk more literally that Hashem really does actually make jokes and get a good laugh out of them.

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