Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is it all about to tumble down?

These latest prisoner releases have truly been boggling my mind. With previous releases we got something tangible in return such as the return of captured soldiers, or at least their bodies so we could honor them with a proper Jewish burial. Yet these current ones are beyond nonsensical. What are we getting in return? The ability for backstabbing Tzippi Livni to engage in behind closed doors discussions where they won't let the public have one inkling of what is actually on the table (what exactly are they offering that they are so afraid of us to know about?) with no guarantee that the talks will even complete their 9 month timeline much less garner any actual results. Yet if Abbas gives the word to pack up and go home those prisoners won't be returning to prison (at least until they get caught in their next act of terror). And while he gets to send his negotiating team home, the murdered Jews certainly won't be going home.

In previous prisoner releases, when there was at least a reciprocation of something from the other side, however negligible, those who orchestrated the release had something to defend their decision. One might say that over a thousand terrorists, many of them murderers, was a bit high a price to pay for the return of one soldier. Whether right or wrong, at the very least the other side could counter with the guilty accusation of, "Don't you want Shalit back? What if G-d forbid it was your son?" Yet what can they counter with now? "What, don't you want Tzippi to be able to negotiate the abandonment of our land, security and Jerusalem itself? What if it was your peacemaking credentials at stake?" Sounds absurd, yes? Yet the response they hurl back isn't really much more logical - something to the effect of, "The ruling powers that be in the government have made their decision and publicly challenging it is irresponsible." Really? REALLY? Yet somehow releasing unrepentant murderers onto the street for nothing in return when history shows they will most likely attempt to murder again is somehow responsible? But hey - thank heavens at least they didn't declare the questioning of their logic and morality as anti-Democratic. The more this story goes on the more one feels they went to sleep and woke up in Bizarro World.

Now a very sharp and poignant protest of posting signs on soldiers graves claiming their deaths were in vain due to current prisoner releases is being described as "shameful," an "act of cowardice," and "having crossed the line." Ummm... hello? Are we to insinuate that putting murderers back onto the street to murder even more innocent Jews for no reason whatsoever is by comparison prideful, brave and well within the lines of acceptable decision making? I'm not one to condone using Jewish graves to make a point however right it may be, but I would like to ask those who are decrying it if they protested as loudly (or at all) against the thing that brought about this act in the first place? With all your concern for the dead where is your concern for the living whom they sacrificed their lives to defend?

I forget where I heard it from, but I remember hearing years ago that at the end of times the lies and untruths of the world will become so abundant and ridiculous that one won't need to do great searching to arrive at the truth - the truth will become self evident by virtue of the fact the lie has grown far too large and unbelievable to ever be substantiated. That description certainly has a familiar ring to it now doesn't it? And as the lies become more blatantly untrue the leftitst establishment that perpetuates them goes into ever greater hysterics in order to keep their power hold on the pathetic life-support it now finds itself. The image that comes to my mind is that game we used to play as kids - Jenga. What starts out as a solid tower of filled in blocks starts to grow higher and higher. However in order to continue increasing the height you have to keep taking from the blocks beneath - thus making the foundation supporting your higher levels evermore shaky. The whole point of the game is to not be the player who takes that one piece, just the right one, which pulls out the last meager support and sends the whole thing crashing down. And the more outrageous and illogical their defenses become, the more I feel the Tzippi Livni's of the world are sweating bullets as they look tensely at each other and silently wonder who will be the one to take out that final block.

Thus the fanatical opposition to common sense. Every sane-minded question becomes a sharp reality check that sends this sickening Tower of Pisa swinging and risks ending the whole charade. Therefore it can not be tolerated at any cost. But their efforts are in vain. I wonder if even they realize somewhere deep down the futility of their cause and are just to proud to admit it... or are they really just that delusional? Either way, the truth has a hard time allowing itself to be ignored forever. Eventually that one reality check will come that knocks over the whole thing as we know from history. For what is G-d's way of sending a reality check? The cry of the shofar. And once Yericho had totally rotted and gone past the limits of what Hashem had allowed for human behavior, Am Yisrael didn't need battering rams or catapults. All they needed to do was circle the city, blow the shofar and the walls collapsed on their own.

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact the current amount of murderers being released is 26 - the same as Hashem's name? May we be zoche to such a revelation of the truth soon - before things get much worse.


  1. If we followed the Torah of Hashem, all of these prisoners would have been executed and there would not now be anyone to release.

  2. I second the motion , bring in the firing squad !


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