Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lebanese-Syrian Ties

Though their reporting on Israel barely makes an effort to hide bias, I've found that Al Jazeera often tends to have the most honest reporting on all other issues in the Middle East, and especially when it comes to the news on Arabs or Muslims (and their internal conflicts). Perhaps being an Arab network themselves they feel a more of freedom than other networks to be more blunt and real about what's going on with their own without having to fear being labeled racist.

It's looking like the fighting in Syria is starting to rev up in its spillover into Lebanon - especially along Sunni/Shia sectarian lines. While Hezbollah is off supporting their patron Assad across the border, back home some of their opponents have been causing a bit of their own ruckus, now even drawing the Lebanese army into the fray. When the cat is away the mice will play eh? Below is a somewhat interesting background into the inter-meshing of control between the two countries and some insight into who pulling some of the strings. Enjoy...

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