Thursday, May 15, 2014

The "Miracles" of Secular Zionism

Not nearly as much coverage as is deserved is being provided as to the recent home demolitions and essentially mini-expulsion that took place yesterday. Ynet reports that several residents ascended  to the tops of the houses to protest the destruction and "were removed and the demolition went ahead using tractors and engineering equipment." I find "removed" a somewhat insufficient description of what happened. My wife has a friend whose relative happened to live in one of the homes that was destroyed. The family only received notification the night before that the following day their home was going to be bulldozed to the ground. The mother while protesting her home being destroyed was apparently thrown off the roof and broke several of her ribs.

A week after the big fanfare of "Yom HaAtzmaut" it's amazing to see the miracles secular zionism and their "independence" has wrought. Throughout the ages of this long hard exile Jewish mothers were forcibly converted to Islam, those resisting dying with the words of Shema on their lips. Jewish mothers were raped and subsequently slashed to pieces in European pogroms. Jewish mothers held on to their scared naked children as the Germans filled their lungs with Zyklon-B in the death camps. But through it all we held on so that these heros of the Jewish people could bring us back to our homeland, build us a state, and form an army of our very own - an army for the Jewish state filled with Jewish soldiers. At last we could be a "nation like all other nations." And after so much suffering at the hands of others in foreign lands at long last Jewish mothers can be thrown from the rooftops by Jewish soldiers instead of by anti-Semitic non-Jewish ones.


  1. Wow. Very well said on the minority who do this. Many of our soldiers/police are decent Israelis. The war between Yehudim an erev rav goes on.

    1. My hope is that that the those who do hurt Jews are themselves not actually Jewish. My landlord told me last night that often they will bring Druzim in to do the dirty work of ruffing up the Jews for them. I'm sure there is no shortage of Ukrainian soldiers with suspect lineage who have no problem bashing some halachik Jews over the head given the opportunity as well.

      However this is very encouraging:,7340,L-4520384,00.html

  2. Thank you for posting. I just discovered your blog via INR and am now following.


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